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Wheelchair mounted, laser sighted, zombie killing nerf machine guns — BLAM BLAM BLAM.

Are you a powerchair user? Have you ever been patronised in the street? Wheelchair Defence Systems has the solution…

DIY Door Opener

Here’s a simple remote door opener, for powerchair users who can no longer open doors with their hands.

The House of Commons exhibition

Our incurable optimists

Here’s some of the incurable optimists Patrick painted with their portraits, at the House of Commons last week.

Message of support

Hello again Patrick. Your battle goes on Patrick. Stay strong for your self and your family. You...

posted by Graham.

An interesting article from the Irish times newspaper, thought you might enjoy.. http://www....

posted by Suzanne K

Dear Patrick, I haven´t visitted this blog since summer but i´d like to recommend a book called ...

posted by diego